The PRESEMT system comprises 3 stages, each of which has a modular structure:

1. Pre-processing stage: It involves the compilation of resources needed for the MT system to perform, i.e. the collection and appropriate annotation of corpora, the elicitation of phrasing information as well as the extraction of semantic and statistical data.

2. Main translation engine: This component, being the core part of the system, translates a source language (SL) text to a target language (TL) one, drawing, in stepwise mode, on the information obtained in the Pre-processing stage.

3. Post-processing stage: This stage offers the user the opportunity to modify the system translation output according to their preferences. These modifications can then be endorsed by the system so as to adapt itself to the given input.


Pre-processing stage:

4 modules

Main Translation Engine:
3 modules

Post-processing stage:
  2 modules

Corpus creation & annotation module

Structure selection module

Post-processing module

Phrase aligner module

Translation equivalent selection module

Phrasing model generator

Optimisation module

User adaptation module

Corpus modelling module


PRESEMT system architecture